Travelling in Japan Part 3 (Mt. Fuji & Tokyo)

After an amazing Tim in Osaka we moved on to Mount Fuji. We hired a car near the train station at Fuji and drive towards our hotel at Lake Kawaguchiko. The drive gave us an amazing view of Mt. Fuji as we drove along the long roads, surrounded by fields and mountains. It was a nice break from the busy cities.

Our hotel was opposite Lake Kawaguchiko and our window had a stunning view of Mt. Fuji. We walked over to the lake as the sun was setting to take some pictures and look at Fuji. It was freezing cold but we enjoyed the sight and felt very lucky to be there. we headed out in the car and drove around the lake and then got some dinner. We went back to the hotel for a rest in the warm room. Our host did not speak English but was very helpful and welcoming to us.

The following morning we got up early to catch the sun rise. We drove to a nearby cafe/shop by the lake and got a few souvenirs. We were very lucky to get a clear view of Fuji as it is often obscured by cloud.

We drove to the nearby pagoda, often cited as the most famous photo spot in Japan. We climbed the many steps to get to the top where we took photos of the beautiful pagoda with Fuji in the background. It would be lovely to visit there when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

We decided to head back with the car and stopped off at a few places including an ice sculpture park. It was wonderful to see Fuji and experience the Japanese countryside.

We took the train back to Tokyo where we decided to upgrade our hotel to a nicer one. Tokyo Park Hotel was stunning and very tall! We let it be known we were on our honeymoon and managed to bag a (small) bottle of free champagne! The room view was equally stunning. We were on the 35th floor and could see all of Tokyo, including Tokyo tower with Mt. Fuji in the distance through the large window that took up most of one wall.

Opposite our hotel was a TV studio, above which was a huge mechanical clock that was designed by Studio Ghibli, the famous anime studio. We waited until 7pm to see the mechanical clock come to life.

We spent our final few days in Tokyo revisiting places we had previously enjoyed as well as visiting Kyoto again.

We visited the teamLab exhibition which was full of light and colour. A maze of dark rooms that were brought to life by by lights, mirrors and projections that could be interacted with.

We had an amazing time in Japan seeing wonderful sights and experiencing a different cultures. We left wanting to return in the future and see and do more.


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