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Updating my portfolio

I've decided it' time to update my portfolio. I not worked on it for the past few years and feel it's time to show some of my favourite work from the past few years. I've also decided to undertake a few self-initiated projects which will allow me to stretch my creative muscles and try some new things.

I've found working in coffee shops in Manchester is great to concentrate on this task. An espresso and a slice of cake can get the creative juices flowing. Working in an office everyday can become stifling and it is good to be creative in another environment away from the day to day of work and being at home.

I'm also going to try and develop my photography style some more. I want to update my website with some great photography that really shows off my work and interests. I'll be using my blog to do this as well I've been messing around with the camera at home so will take it out and start snapping away.

I've included some pictures I took in Paris la…