How I'm learning Finnish

Last year I enrolled to the Manchester Suomi school and started to learn Finnish twice a month. The class was mainly filed with English people with Finnish partners. I'd picked up one or two phrases from my partner and his family but still struggled with the language. I decided to try a new way of learning. Using post-it notes and a sharpie, I decided to label everyday household items to try and learn a few words around the house. So far, so good. I'm getting there and starting to remember words. I'm going to change the words every few weeks and try and expand my Finnish as much as possible. We're heading over to Helsinki in a week's time so hopefully I'll get to practice some of the words and phrases I've learnt.

John Carpenter's Halloween ...on the big screen!

My all-time favourite film is the 1978 John Carpenter horror film, Halloween. I think I was 10 or 11 when I first saw it and I can remember the fear I felt as I watched psychopath Micheal Myers stalk the teenage babysitter Laurie Strode and her friends around Haddenfield on Halloween night.

Over the years, I've bought many editions of the film (and it's many sequals) on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray but I had never experienced it on the big screen. Last Wednesday it was shown at The Printworks in Manchester City centre and I finally got to see it as it was intended.

The film was introduced by a short 20 minute film where John Carpenter gave some background information on how it was filmed and a brief history of the film's legacy. I think this was from 2016 as Carpenter said it was Halloween's 28th anniversary (it was released 40 years ago this year!) The trailer for the new Halloween film was also shown.

The thing that I've always loved about Halloween is it's subtlety…

Review: Ingrid Chavez | Touch Of Love

Ingrid Chavez Touch of Love (Limited Edition CD review) Ingrid Chavez was signed to Prince's Paisley Park Records in the early 1990s and starred in his 1990 movie Graffiti Bridge. She was also the co-writer of Madonna's 1990 hit 'Justify My Love.' After releasing her debut album May 19 1992 and the singles 'Elephant Box' and 'Hippy Blood' on Paisley Park, Ingrid married David Sylvian, of the group Japan, and left the industry to focus on home life.

In 2010 Ingrid returned to music with A Flutter And Some Words and went on to record an album under the name Black Eskimo with Marco Valentin.

Ingrid recently took part in the PRN Alumni event at Cafe de Paris in London where a limited edition CD Touch Of Love (only 100 hand-made copies were made) was sold, that served as a 'Best Of' before the release of her upcoming album, Memories of Flying.

Featuring songs from both of her solo albums and also her collaborations with David Sylvian and Black Eskimo,…

Deadwind on Netflix

I started learning Finnish almost a year ago, it's been tough but I'm picking up more words each time I visit there. I recently started watching Deadwind on Netflix and have found it is helping me to learn Finnish.

As the Twin Peaks-esque poster suggests, it's a Nordic noir crime thriller set in Helsinki which is great as I get to see my favourite city on TV! I watched the Icelandic show, Trapped, earlier this year, and Dead-end is a similar feel: Bleak, dark and very addictive!

Design Letters

On my last trip to Stockholm this summer I bought myself a Design Letters note pad with a big 'R' on the cover. Made by Danish design company, Design Letters, they have captured the Scandinavian design style with monochrome bold letters but have added in a sense of fun.

Autumn Mood: Playlist

This being my favourite time of year, I've put together a playlist of tracks that help get me in the mood for some work. I love the colours of autumn, I can't wait to get out and take some shots of the trees and leaves this year. This playlist will be in my ears for the next few months.


Summer's gone...

Even though Autumn is my favourite time of year, I'm sad summer is coming to an end. It was a long and very hot summer this year, both in Manchester and Finland. The best part of the summer was finally passing my DAS motorbike test so I could finally get on a big bike. I think I went out on the bike this year more than last, probably due to the weather and also being able to commute to work on the bike.

Now summer is over it means the leathers are hung up and the bike goes into hibernation until spring. After only a few weeks of autumnal weather, I'm already itching to get out on the bike again. Hopefully if the winter is mild I'll get to go for a few nice rides and break in my new Dainese one-piece suit for next year's riding season.