Autumn in Finland

Last night we arrived in Finland for a short break and to catch up with friends and family and just enjoy being in Finland during Autumn. I can already notice a difference since we were last here in July. We missed seeing the first snow of the season by a day, so we've arrived in a wet and windy Finland. I can't wait to take in the beauty of this country at this time of year and take lots of photos! I've been in desperate need of a break from work and the every day routine that can take over life.

5 things I'm looking forward to doing in Finland...

1. Visit Tampere

We stayed in Tampere, the 'Manchester of Finland' last January and had a great time eating munkki and exploring the city.

2. Eat Cinnamon buns and drink coffee

We plan to visit some of our favourite coffee shops and indulge in some cinnamon buns and musta kahvi whilst in Helsinki. Cafe Succes and Carousel are top of our lists!

3. Go for long walks with the dog

Nothing beats a nice long walk in the forest with a gorgeous black lab at your feet. Autumn time is especially beautiful in the forests, Gapu will be happy to join us for a long walk.

4. Sauna

I think I've been missing this the most! I can't wait to get into the sauna and just relax. I have so much tension to release, I'm hoping the heat will release all the stress from my body and leave me feeling reenergised.

5. Shopping in Helsinki

The many great design shops in Helsinki always provide so much inspiration for my design work and also interior design ideas to take back home. I also head straight to the magazine section whenever I enter Prisma to see the latest Finnish/Scandinavian interior design magazines. I think I might get a copy of Nordic Living this time.

I'm reading... Porcelain: A Memoir by Moby. I've been a fan of Moby since his 2008 Last Night album and I finally got a round to finishing Moby's memoir on the plane over to Finland. The second part will be released early next year and will cover his life after the release of his multi-million selling Play album. Can't wait to read it as his style of writing is so funny and honest.

I'm listening to... Moby (for obvious reasons!) Boards of Canada, The Orb and I recently discovered Spotify's Atmospheric Calm playlist. All this chill-out/ambient music must mean I need to relax!

I'm watching... Deadwind... just got the last episode to watch now, can't wait to see how it ends!

I'm looking forward to... Working on some interesting design projects before Christmas kicks in and then travelling around Japan in January for 2 weeks for our honeymoon.


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